About Frank

Frank Seltzer is a no nonsense hard seltzer brand. We basically sell nothing, with a flavor and 4.5% alcohol.

There´s nothing easier to drink than simplicity with a spark. It’s a refreshing beverage which the conscious consumer is looking for. Especially in this ever-demanding society, where the bar of living a healthier lifestyle, is contantly rising.

Frank is the perfect fit. A refreshing beverage, but low in calories.

What is Hard Seltzer?

Hard Seltzer is a light alcoholic beverage made of sparkling water, neutral alcohol and fruit aromas. Hard Seltzer is THE beverage for the current generation youth: easy to drink and with less calories than beer and wine.

What is Frank Seltzer

Sparkling water, natural aromas and 4.5% alcohol.

25kcal per 100ml. 84kcal per 330ml.

Calories originate from the alcohol only.


 Stay Frank.